The best way to control the quality of your hash is to make it yourself. Making hash at home is a rewarding process, that every cannabis enthusiast should experience at least once.

Superior hash begins with high-quality flower. It is simple to grow cannabis at home if you have access to the right tools and knowledge.

Homegrown Cannabis

Many of our team members were introduced to solventless because someone shared their homemade product with them, or they made it themselves. For this reason, the Whistler Technologies team wants to give back to the cannabis community. We have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to effectively grow cannabis at home.

This guide will get people growing, and eventually making better hash!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

The first thing to consider is whether you will cultivate your plants outdoors or indoors.

Both options have their pros and cons, and they will differ based on factors such as region, climate, and resources. One thing is certain though, award-winning hash can be farmed in both outdoor and indoor operations. 

Grow cannabis at home indoors

An indoor setup will likely have a higher setup cost. However, it may be the only option for those who do not have access to an outdoor space. It will also be preferable for those living in a climate which is not suitable for growing cannabis.

Growing indoors will also be more suitable for those who wish to produce year-round but live in a region where this is not possible outdoors. Indoor gives growers complete control over environment, including light source, temperature, CO2 levels and humidity.

How to grow cannabis at home, outdoors

On the other hand, less investment is required to cultivate outdoors. If you already have a summer garden, you could potentially spend next to nothing.

While less capital is needed for outdoor cultivation, it also brings forth challenges. There are more variables to consider when compared to indoor cultivation, as growers are at mercy of the weather and natural risks. However, when an outdoor grow is properly executed, it can yield some outstanding results. 

Outdoor Cultivation

The easiest way to get started with outdoor cultivation is to opt for a full sun approach. This means the plants are in open air, with no structure or building frame surrounding the plant. This is a simple and economic approach, but it requires the grower to rely on the weather.

When considering planting options, bigger is better. Select larger pots (50 gallons or more), or plant directly into the ground. This gives the plant plenty of room to develop an extensive root network. As the saying goes, ‘more roots, more fruits!’. With a large root network, the cannabis plant will have the food and support it needs to reach its maximum size.

Organic potting soil

Next, good soil is also essential for cultivating healthy, productive cannabis plants. We recommend opting for a good soil mix, to feed the plants organically and with ease. With a good soil mix, all that is required at the base level is regular watering, to ensure the plant is well fed.

There are a variety of pre-mixed soils available. Organic potting soil can also be purchased and mixed, with a variety of amendments which provide the nutrients the plant will rely on to grow and stay healthy.  

Indoor Setups

The first thing to consider when setting up indoor cultivation at a smaller scale is whether a grow tent will be used, or an entire room will be allocated to the grow.

With a grow room, the climate is typically easier to control. There is also more room to work around the plants. Grow tents usually end up being quite crowded, and the climate is harder to control. 

Next, lighting is an important consideration. LEDs are a great option, especially for smaller spaces. They produce much less heat than other light options, such as HPS and CMH. LEDs are also fully dimmable, so if the plants grow a little too tall the lights can be dimmed to avoid burning and bleaching the flowers. 

Although often overlooked, a good air exchange is also crucial when growing indoors. Improper airflow will lead to a variety of problems such as mold, mildew, and a of lack CO2. This can lead to stress issues. In a grow tent, to increase airflow you can install a carbon filter, in-line fan, and ducting. This will exhaust the air outside of the room the tent is set up in. 

Cannabis plants in small pots

Growing Cannabis for Hash or Concentrate production

Once you have determined which style of growing is right for you, the next thing to figure out is what to grow. Genetics are just as important as cultivation for a successful harvest. Feminized seeds are often popular with small scale growers, as no resources are wasted weeding out males!


Growing for resin is different than growing for aesthetics and big yields. Environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity, can be tweaked throughout the cultivation cycle. This can promote greater resin or biomass production.

When cultivating plants to make hash, the focus is on cultivating the best and most trichomes possible. More biomass doesn’t always mean more hash. 

Earthwolf farm's Tundra live rosin in a glass jar

Now that you are ready to grow cannabis at home for hash, prepare yourself for harvest with our dedicated harvest resources. 

Learn when to harvest plants, how to harvest them, and our tips for making the highest quality bubble hash.

Happy Hashing!