Our Equipment

Whistler Technologies brings together cannabis culture, innovative design, groundbreaking research and engineering excellence to create a new generation of solventless extraction equipment.


Small but mighty, the WT-MICRO is your pathway to solventless success.
The WT-MICRO integrates the cutting-edge technology from the WT-CRAFT+ into a smaller and more cost-effective unit. It is a modular system, available in multiple configurations. Operators can purchase for their needs today, then upgrade as their operation grows.

This high-performance system has a 150L agitation tank, complete with our patent-pending double-torus agitation pattern and false bottom filter. It can process up to 20kg of fresh frozen, or up to 6kg of dry biomass per batch run. In a 10-hour shift, a single operator can process 4 batch runs, or up to 80kg of fresh frozen biomass.

Daily Hash Output: Up to 5,600g

Water pouring out of the separator shower head on the WT-300 ice water extraction system

Whistler Technologies equipment is designed to the highest quality and sanitary standards. 

Quality is integral to us, so when we design equipment we ensure even the smallest components are engineered to perfection. 

All of our equipment features: 

  • Stainless steel 316 for wetted components, stainless steel 304 for non-wetted compenents
  • Food-grade certified components
  • Customizable cGMP or EU GMP compliance
  • Fully stainless steel gearbox and motors
  • Watertight certified connectors 
  • Parts with the highest available IP ratings