Medical & Recreational Cannabis

Solventless cannabis extraction to produce hashish is thousands of years old, but recent advances in cannabis genetics and processing methods has taken the industry to new heights.

Ice water extraction was developed and refined for use on high THC cannabis for medical or recreational use. Ice water extraction has taken hash from a medium potency traditional product to a dabbable concentrate of the highest value. With the advent of rosin and various post processing techniques, such as our TERP Reactor, there are new products being developed constantly.



Cannabis grown for industry (fibre), medicinel (flower), or food (seed) that does not possess psychoactive properties is known as Hemp.

Our equipment can be used to extract CBD from any hemp varietal with abundant trichomes. Coupling our Ice Water Extraction process with our TERP Reactor, we can make a Beyond Full Spectrum CBD oil which retains the terpenes from the fresh hemp plant. This process is completely organic, using just water and your carrier oil of choice to turn fresh biomass into decarboxylated oil in under 24 hours.



Hops’ growing demand in the organic beer industry has meant a need for increased efficiency in processing of fresh hops while retaining the flavour of hops!

With Whistler Technologies’ systems, large hop processors or breweries can take advantage of a relatively high percentage of alpha and beta acids in their brew kettle.