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There is no doubt that solventless extracts are the cleanest, and most flavoursome way to consume cannabis. What was previously considered a niche product offering, has now gained popularity with mainstream consumers.

As the demand for solventless grows, companies look to include solventless SKUs in their product offerings. 

But, how do you know which SKUs are right for your business? 

Join us for our upcoming webinar: Which Solventless SKU?

In this webinar, our product formulation experts will discuss a variety of solventless SKUs, and what is needed to bring them to market. Some SKUs we will touch on include: live rosin, edibles, vape cartridges, bubble hash and more. 



  • Market trends
  • Solventless Advancement
  • Available SKUs
  • Which SKU is Right for Your Operation
  • Inputs
  • Challenges and Solutions


  • Q&A