WT-MICRO Continuous Flow Full System Render
WT-MICRO Continuous Flow Full System Render



Up to 6kg Dry Material
Up to 20kg Fresh Frozen


Fresh Frozen Output: 2-7%
Dry Output: 10-30%


Single Phase
30A Line Fuse, 230V


1-2 Hours
Single Operator


5′ x 6.1′ x 4.4′


Custom cGMP/EU-GMP packages available

Scalable Growth

Upgrade as your needs change, with this versatile and high-performance system.


Perfect your craft by leveraging our extensive network of scientists, engineers, growers, and process knowledge experts. There is no better place to get your business started on the right track.

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Add custom collection bags, outfitted with snaps to lock into the collection unit. 

These industry-leading 3/4 mesh lab series Bubble Bags™ come in an 8 bag set (25-220 micron). They are exact within 1 micron, and are made using FDA approved materials.

The WT collection unit is engineered to optimize workflow. 

It features snap locks which secure bags in place. With a 1.5″ fixed vertical spacing between bags, collection bags will no longer slip or clog. 

As always, the design is sanitary.  The collection unit has a sloped bottom, to ensure 100% drainage and cleanability. 

Additional screens can be obtained, either to keep as a spare or to customize with a specific micron size.

For ultimate control of the extraction process, glycol jacketing and an optional control system is available. 

Introducing glycol takes hashmaking to the next level. It allows processors to maintain process water at a stable and consistent temperature, and completely remove ice from the solventless extraction process.

All Whistler Technologies systems are designed to be GMP compliant

Custom cGMP and EU-GMP packages are available.

Rosin can’t be made without a press! 

Streamline your workflow with a high-quality and durable rosin press, specifically procured to complement the processing capacity of the WT-MICRO.

For the hashmaker who wishes to achieve the perfect wash every time, a temperature sensor can be added.

A pharmaceutical-grade temperature sensor can be flush mounted to the agitation tank wall. Easy to clean and 100% sanitary, this sensor provides critical feedback. 

Optimize your process with a washdown rated electrical cabinet, and integrated touchscreen. 

The touchscreen enables recipe functionality for PLC-controlled agitator speeds/ramping, and collection points. It also centralizes the manual control of pump speed, agitator speed, and temperature (if a glycol jacket upgrade is also selected). 

The touchscreen is also available as a plug-and-play upgrade at a later date.

The Modular Solventless Solution

Small but mighty, the WT-MICRO is your pathway to solventless success.

The WT-MICRO integrates the cutting-edge technology from the WT-CRAFT+, into a smaller and more cost-effective unit. It is complete with all the features needed to make high-quality hash, such as continuous flow, iceless agitation, the double-torus flow agitation pattern and a hash-specific separator.

The modular design allows customers to purchase for their needs today, while offering efficient scalability for tomorrow. 

Solventless cannabis extraction has never been simpler, thanks to the WT-MICRO.