About Us

Whistler Technologies team

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and cannabis enthusiasts, looking to give the world a modern, sustainable, and organic solution to cannabis extraction.

Our innovative systems are built upon many years of research in trichome development, extraction, and best manufacturing practices. We prioritize research in new equipment designs, addressing the many challenges faced by solventless extractors.

A substantial in-house data bank is available to help you maximize profitability, quality, and continual growth to meet your business-critical priorities. By adopting a research and data driven approach, we promote innovation and encourage agility in a nascent industry as businesses respond to more complex and less predictable environments.

Years of R&D
Substantial In-House
Data Bank
Years of Cannabis Industry Experience
$3M of Cannabis Biomass Used for R&D


From soil to oil, and from lab to shelf.

At Whistler Technologies, innovation is at our core.

With daily exposure to all aspects of the industry, a holistic approach is taken when designing new systems or optimizing existing ones. 

We have refined and automated the outdated and highly labour-intensive process of making bubble hash by engineering the world’s first closed-loop and continuous flow solventless extraction system.

Whistler Technologies team doing research

6-Star Service

Whistler Technologies is more than just an equipment supplier. We are a full-service partner, committed to driving client success in the premium, solventless industry.

Every Whistler Technologies equipment sale includes a comprehensive technical package, designed to set customers up for success.

Technical Package

  • Lifetime of after-sale technical support
  • Genetics selection, yield optimization and testing recommendations
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Operations team training
  • Extraction room layout design
  • General facility construction advice
  • Workflow optimization
  • Auxiliary selection and sizing
Whistler Technologies Solventless Projects Map


Solventless extracts aren't just a business for us, they're a way of life.

We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, doing world-class research, setting up extraction programs, making hash and other value-add products. Our team members are also cited on multiple patent applications and have navigated through many successful license applications.

Whistler Technologies - Team Photo

Our team came together from diverse backgrounds to realize our shared vision for the cannabis plant, the industry as a whole, and the impact we’re making on the world.

Whistler Technologies Headshot - Daniel Lantela

Daniel Lantela

President & Founder
  • Former CSO of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp
  • MSc in Biochemistry
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Marcus Richardson 'The Bubbleman'

Marcus Richardson

Chief Trichome Officer
  • World’s most foremost authority in solventless extraction
  • Coined the term ‘Bubble Hash’
Whistler Technologies Headshot - David Ayrey

David Ayrey

Director of Innovation, Director of Business Development (Australasia)
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering and BComm in Finance
  • 10+ years of engineering and design experience
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Erin Sims

Erin Sims

Mechatronics Engineer, Engineering Team Lead

  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • 5+ years of mechanical design experience
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Andrew Cotter

Andrew Cotter

Extraction Technologist

  • Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • 8 years of cannabis extraction and processing experience
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Harry Wilde

Harry Wilde

Project Engineer

  • MEng of Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace
  • 4+ years of design and lean manufacturing
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Tyler Maass

Tyler Maass

Senior Sales, Product Specialist

  • 10+ years of sales and hashmaking experience
  • 5 years at Whistler Technologies
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Owen Robinson

Owen Robinson

Sales and Traction Associate

  • BA in Marketing and Finance
  • 10+ years of management and operations experience
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Nicolas Von Loon

Nicolas Van Loon

Sales Associate

  • MA in European Studies
  • 7+ years in corporate sales
Whistler Technologies Headshot - Karolina Chrzan

Karolina Chrzan

Marketing Strategist

  • BA in International Relations
  • 7 years of marketing and content strategy, photography and videography