About Us

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and cannabis enthusiasts, looking to give the world a modern, sustainable, efficient, and organic solution to cannabis extraction.

Our diverse team is self motivated to become leaders in the cannabis industry and bring over 50 years of combined cannabis knowledge with over 30 years in the solventless space.

Our innovative systems are built upon many years of research in trichome development, extraction, and best manufacturing practices. We prioritize research in new equipment designs, addressing the many challenges faced by our clients affecting the efficiency of their processes.

A substantial in-house data bank is available to help you maximize profitability, quality, and continual growth to meet your business-critical priorities. By adopting a research and data driven approach, we promote innovation and encourage agility in a nascent industry as businesses respond to more complex and less predictable environments.


Solventless extracts aren’t just a business for us, they are a way of life. Our Chief Trichome Officer, Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, popularized the Ice-Water extraction process and coined the term “Bubble Hash.”


As one of the world’s foremost hash authorities, Marcus brings a breadth of knowledge and passion for cannabis matched by few. Our entire team shares his passion for solventless extracts and aim to help our customers create the best products possible. Combining the knowledge of some of the world’s leading experts on hashish production with modern pharmaceutical process design and engineering, we have a culture like no other.

Our company is named for its location in Whistler, BC, a world-class destination for both mountain and cannabis culture, which permeates through to our staff. When we are not using snow and ice to make hash, we can be found enjoying the snow and ice on the mountains surrounding us. Our appreciation for cannabis and the natural world builds our desire to create technologies that preserve both our environment and the quality of our products. We believe in empowering clients with our unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in ice water extraction, fueling new generations of products and extraction technologies.


Our team came together from diverse backgrounds to realize our shared vision for the cannabis plant, the industry as a whole, and the impact we’re making on the world.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, doing world-class research, setting up extraction programs, making hash and other value-add products. Our team members are also cited on multiple patent applications and have navigated through many successful license applications.

Daniel Lantela

Daniel completed his MSc and BSc in Biochemistry from McGill University, studying the cell cycle in the context of cancer. After developing an interest in cannabis therapeutics, he began working with Whistler Medical Marijuana designing their certified organic extraction program and later serving as Quality Assurance person and Chief Science Officer.

Daniel founded Whistler Technologies in 2016; spearheading the design and testing of the first large scale and sanitary ice water extraction system. Daniel is leading the company in the development of new products and believes these technologies will create a paradigm shift in cannabis extraction. Daniel Co-founded Whistler Therapeutics in 2018 with the vision of creating affordable and sustainable cannabis therapeutics. Daniel enjoys skiing, hiking and foraging.


Edward Yu

Edward joined Whistler Tech to lead the Business Development and General Management, after several years spearheading operations process and analytics as the Performance Lead at one of Canada's largest Digital Media Agencies. He has an eclectic background, heavily revolving around data, from marketing agency to food manufacturing to tech startup. He brings leadership and tenacity to align Tech's focus and executional excellence.

He holds an Honours HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, with a Sustainability Certificate.


Kelvin Wong

Kelvin graduated from UBC in May 2011 with a Mechanical Engineering (BASc) degree and completed his Manufacturing Engineering (BTech) degree from BCIT in May 2017. Kelvin leads the engineering design team at Whistler Technologies and leverages his ability to translate engineering theory into production components. Kelvin applies service and design thinking throughout his extraction equipment design process at Whistler Technologies. Kelvin enjoys cycling and hiking.