WT-CRAFT+ cannabis extraction system

at Scale

Unveil the full potential of your cannabis with Ice Water Extraction …


We are the first and only company to offer closed loop, automated and pharmaceutical grade equipment for ice water extraction. This process isolates glandular trichomes from cannabis biomass to create a high potency resin known as bubble hash.

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Lab technician pouring ice into commercial ice water extraction


Quite simply, Whistler Technologies is the only provider of sanitary and closed loop ice-water extraction systems to meet the demands of all producers from “craft” to “farm” scale. No matter the size of your operation, we have a solution to fit your needs.

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Large organic cannabis farm in British Columbia


Go organic and ditch expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals. Our extraction systems isolate trichomes from fresh or frozen cannabis using just ice and water, while consuming a fraction of the electricity of solvent systems. Preserve the environment, terpenes and your profits all together.

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Regenerative cannabis farm in British Columbia


Our equipment can extract trichomes from a variety of plants and so far our systems have been tested and optimized for Cannabis Sativa (Hemp or Marijuana) and Humulus Lupulus (Hops). We offer custom solutions for the unique challenges faced by each industry, from limiting THC to <0.3% throughout the entire process to preserving the flavor of lupulin glands, we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Profit today –
and tomorrow

Our equipment is sustainable for both businesses and the environment. Our removal of expensive drying steps and chemicals for solvent extractions means preserving your profits. We are building our equipment with tomorrow’s market in mind. Small increases in efficiency and process design compound to create advantages that will keep your business profitable for years to come.

Science & Engineering

Combining a deep scientific knowledge of the cannabis plant with engineering innovation, Whistler Technologies has created a unique ice water extraction system. As opposed to bottom mixing washers, which lose efficiency with scale, our proprietary agitation system produces consistent mixing at any size, maximizing hash yield and minimizing contaminants.


All of our systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards to create the cleanest products possible and meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements.  We can fabricate and validate our equipment to help our customers comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our Team

We are a group of scientists, engineers, and cannabis enthusiasts, looking to give the world a modern, sustainable, efficient, and organic solution to cannabis extraction. Our diverse team is self motivated to become leaders in the cannabis industry and bring over 50 years of combined cannabis knowledge with over 30 years in the solventless space.

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