Our Services

Toll Processing

For producers looking to sell or produce ACMPR compliant extracts without investing in expensive equipment and expertise, we offer toll or contract processing to companies within Canada with a valid license from Health Canada.  At our two sites in British Columbia we can produce a multitude of products falling into two main categories: cannabis oil (edible) and isolated trichomes (kief or hash).  All of our processes use only water or carrier oils as a solvent, making them clean, sustainable and compliant with organic production standards.

Extraction Facility Design and Commissioning

Along with our custom designed equipment, we can also design your entire extraction facility, system and processes all together.  From blueprints to SOPs, we provide everything you need to construct and operate an extraction facility.  We can advise on anything from structural engineering to process design to interior design for your facility to make sure everything flows according to your needs.  Overlooking small details in initial design can lead to big consequences when you become operational, we can help ensure you have efficient and profitable production from day one.


We offer a variety of consulting services to cannabis companies, specializing in extraction and regulatory affairs.  Utilizing the expertise and knowledge of academics and long time cannabis extractors we can help you solve a plethora of extraction related problems.  We can help you improve your profitability and efficiency for a variety of processes. We have extensive experience with ACMPR amendments and can help get your products approved and ready for sale in a timely manner.