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Whistler Technologies brings together cannabis culture, innovative design, groundbreaking research, and engineering excellence to create a new generation of solventless extraction equipment.

We are the first company to offer automated, closed loop, and pharmaceutical grade equipment for the ice water extraction process; an economically and environmentally friendly alternative process to traditional extraction methods for the removal of glandular trichomes from a variety of plants including: Cannabis Sativa (High THC/Marijuana or High CBD/Hemp) and Humulus Lupulus (Hops).

We design, procure, and install turnkey solventless processing systems with all the equipment necessary to go from biomass to a final product in a matter of a few days.

Our team of engineers and hash experts will install and commission our technology in your facility and train staff on its operation. We provide a full suite of regulatory assistance, starting with a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and regulatory documentation for every piece of equipment with additional GMP compliance services for Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ).

We strive to create equipment to the highest quality and sanitary standards. All of our equipment is designed according to guidelines for pharmaceutical process equipment and some of our systems can even run a Clean-in-Place (CIP) cycle without any additional equipment.


Every piece of equipment we design is proudly manufactured in Canada and the US, to the highest quality standards. We only specify components with the highest available IP ratings, food grade certified components, fully stainless steel gearbox and motors, and watertight certified connectors.

Additionally, our equipment utilizes stainless steel 316 for wetted components and stainless steel 304 for non-wetted components. We offer up to 32 Ra Max or better, through mechanical or electrochemical polishing methods.

Where possible, equipment design is guided by the ASME BPE with no expenses spared to ensure that none of the equipment our partners receive are of inferior quality.

All of our equipment is designed and manufactured to the most strict quality. We set this above all, and always deliver sanitary, compliant equipment for your solventless labs. The entire fleet of systems can be GMP compliant and/or customized to meet your needs. You can rely on our quality equipment and be sure to be running optimally at your daily capacities. After all, quality equipment produces quality products.

Whistler Technologies
Ice Water Extraction (WT Series)

Whistler Technologies is the first company to produce a closed loop, continuous, and sanitary ice water trichome isolation system. Our innovative technology combines modern pharmaceutical process design, years of in-house research, and 30+ years of bubble hash production experience to create the world’s most advanced hash production equipment. All of our systems are modular with agitation tanks to remove trichomes from biomass, and separation systems to remove the trichomes from the water. These modules can be used separately and adapted to compliment equipment from other suppliers. We can help you improve the efficiency and profitability of solventless extraction. Let’s hash it out!


The WT-CRAFT+ is our most innovative design yet. It features a hash-specific separator and is optimized for iceless extraction.

This system has a 300L agitation tank. It can process up to 40kg of fresh frozen, or up to 12kg of dry biomass per run. In a 10-hour shift, a single operator can easily process 4 batch runs, or up to 160kg of fresh frozen biomass.

Processors can maximize the production efficiency of a small area, while maintaining their craft quality. This unit was designed to take hashmaking to the next level.