Trichome Extractor

Our flagship trichome isolation system lets you perform both ice water extractions and dry sifting.  Our system utilizes the highest quality materials and components to create reliable and efficient equipment compliant with the highest regulatory standards.  Our products are currently being used within the ACMPR to produce industry leading cannabis oils at Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. (WMMC)  Utilizing advanced separation technologies, our equipment allows processing between 5-100kg of cannabis per hour with the lowest capital and operational costs of any extraction equipment available today.  Along with the equipment, we can provide you with everything you need to get your extraction process and cannabis products approved for sale in Canada.

Infusion and Decarboxylation Reaction Vessel

Our proprietary decarboxylation and infusion vessel allows you to retain terpenes present in cannabis resin when creating an orally active cannabis product.  Most methods of decarboxylation result in the loss or destruction of the terpenes in cannabis resin.  Our unique process captures the terpenes and preserves them as they are decarboxylated and infused into an edible carrier.  When coupled with The Resinator, you can turn fresh cannabis into an edible oil and capture all the terpenes lost in drying!  This allows a greater ratio of terpenes to cannabinoids than is present in dried cannabis, creating a premium edible cannabis product with superior flavor and potency.